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Djerba to Tozeur Crossing: An Authentic Journey

Day 1: From Artisanal Origins to the Dunes of Ksar Ghilane

The adventure begins at dawn in Djerba. After an initiation into traditional soap making, travelers explore Ksar Hedada, followed by a hike to Chenini. The evening is punctuated by an immersion in nomadic traditions with the setting up of Berber tents.

Day 2: From Douz to the Mirrors of Chott El Jerid

On the second day, the group travels from Douz to Tozeur. Cycling through the oases precedes a local lunch. The afternoon is dedicated to exploring the lunar landscape of Chott El Jerid and the mythical settings of Ong Jmel. The night offers rest and relaxation in an establishment selected for its hospitality.

Day 3: Immersion in Mountain Villages

The day unveils the mountain villages surrounding Tozeur. Chebika, Tamerza, and Mides reveal themselves through their nature and history. After the explorations, the travelers return to their accommodation for a peaceful evening, savoring the tranquility of the place.

Day 4: Sharing and Traditions

The last day is dedicated to culinary learning with a Berber family, offering a enriching experience before the return. These precious moments mark the end of a journey rich in discoveries and emotions.

This getaway represents the very essence of the journeys that we, SGM and Touil, love to create: authentic, culturally rich, and comfortable. It embodies the spirit of discovery and Tunisian conviviality, promising indelible memories.

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