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Great Erg 2024: At the Heart of the Saharan Adventure

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure with the Great Erg 2024 Adventure, a unique experience combining sport and discovery in the enchanting deserts of Southern Tunisia. From October 27th to November 3rd, 2024, this sports stay, organized by SGM Adventures and Touil Travel, promises unforgettable moments for all trail enthusiasts, whether you come with family, friends, or as a couple.

The Dahar Desert and the Great Erg: A Paradise for Trail Runners

Your adventure will begin with a 15 to 20 km race in the Dahar Desert (Le Reg), a hidden treasure offering rocky trails and breathtaking panoramas. This stage also includes visits to oases and Berber villages, immersing you in the local culture and traditional way of life.

The highlight of your journey will be the Sahara Desert (Grand Erg), known for its majestic dunes. Imagine a 10 to 15 km race through an ocean of sand, followed by a magical night of camping under a starry sky.

A Race for Everyone: Adventure at Your Own Pace

Whether you’re an experienced runner or a walker, the Grand Erg Adventure is accessible to all. With wide time limits and frequent refuelling, each stage is designed to suit your pace, with the emphasis on enjoyment and discovery.

Activities for Non-Runners: An Adventure for the Whole Family

For those not taking part in the race, a host of activities await you, including camel rides, quad or buggy excursions, cultural visits and games for children. Each stage also includes challenges to earn bonus points for your team.

Programme and accommodation: Comfort and conviviality

After a night in a hotel, you’ll set off for three days of races and challenges, with nights in camps or bivouacs. Once the adventure is over, you’ll return to the hotel to celebrate your achievements and explore the island of Djerba.

Equipment: Preparing for the Adventure

The event requires special equipment to ensure your safety and comfort. The event requires special equipment to ensure your safety and comfort.

Pre-Registration and Further Information

To pre-register for this unforgettable adventure, fill in our (#)[formulaire de pré-inscription]. We look forward to welcoming you to this unique experience!

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Discover the Magic of the Desert: Join the Great Erg Adventure 2024

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