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Outing with Friends

An epic adventure with SGM Aventure and TOUIL Travel.

Explore the Tunisian desert with your friends!

Create unforgettable memories and strengthen relationships with your friends during a tailor-made getaway orchestrated by SGM Aventure and TOUIL Travel.

Looking for a trek or a getaway with friends in the desert?

Strengthen your bond and cohesion by experiencing unique adventures focused on discovery and sharing. Whether you choose an adventurous road trip or a relaxing retreat, SGM Adventure and TOUIL Travel are here to create a tailor-made stay that will offer unforgettable moments with friends!

The adventure begins in Djerba, also known as the ‘Island of Dreams’, for an escape to the majestic dunes of the Sahara, passing through the charming typical villages of southern Tunisia.

Discover the various Ksour of Medenine, explore the Berber villages of Chenini, immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Tozeur, famous for its architecture in yellow ochre bricks and its spectacular palm grove housing hundreds of palm trees and two hundred water sources. Don’t miss the visit to Chott El Jerid, an iconic filming location of the ‘Star Wars’ saga, and many other wonders…

Don’t miss the quad or camelback excursion to discover the mysterious Roman ‘Castellum’ of Tisavar at Ksar Ghilane.

And of course, enjoy a ride through the dunes at sunset, followed by a magical night under the starry sky at a bivouac, luxury camp, or hotel! A privileged moment to experience with friends. ‘The choice is yours’!

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